Vava Chroma: Installing Apps—Not Ready for Primetime

Tried to install Netflix, Prime, and Disney apps and I only successfully installed Prime but no way I can use it because it looks 720p (not even but I’m being generous) I waited maybe it will go to 4K but no improvement.

—Disney—after installing it, the screen shows it wants you to update but nothing happens
—Netflix—shows you a frozen page that doesn’t respond to any remote input.

Don’t want to waste more time installing other apps, this is not ready for primetime!

I’ll save other Vava Chroma users time —just connect Apple TV!

…and please do not ask me to factory reset cause I already did it 5x today and it takes me some time to setup the keystone correction.

Your QA!:sunglasses:

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Hi @Lmagy2k We are grateful for sharing your opinions with us. It will surely benefit our company. Don’t worry we will take note of this feedback and forward this over to our Engineering Team for future updates. Have a great day! Thank you.