Vava Chroma Image Projection

I had my Chroma for the past month using 103" Elite UST screen and a small table as a temporary stand. Yesterday, I got a permanent stand with its top 13.3" below the projection screen. I tried moving back of the projector 7" to 9" from the wall, raising and lowering projector legs and of course playing around with Keystone Correction and could not get image go all the way dow, creating about 2" gap at the bottom of the screen. What am I missing?
Another issue is when I switch to 3D, Keystone Correction is lost. Is there a way to keep both 3D and standard modes in sync?

Hi, @kartezhnik Thank you for notifying us about this issue. May we know where did you purchase the VAVA Chroma? We will look into this. We suggest you use a measuring device or ruler to follow the W1 and H2. An image is also found in the Manual on how to set up the projector. There is about a 5% variance in the measurements. These measurements may not be an exact fit. The most important measurement is the distance from the screen and the height from the bottom of the projector to the bottom of the screen. Desk height does not matter, it can be placed on the ground or on a table (but you may need to raise or lower the projector or the ALR Screen to reach the required height).

I purchased the projector in Best Buy on May 22, 2022. I measured everything again and again. The distance from the top of the desk to the bottom of the projection screen is 13" (13.25" to the actual projection area). The distance from the screen to back of the projector is 7.8" (moving it closer or further does not help with the bottom portion). The screen itself is 89.9" by 50.6".