VAVA chroma freeze at HDMI1 search timeout

I got my VAVA yesterday and initially for 1hr it all worked fine but after sometime I wanted to change my source and unplugged the Apple TV and connected again. From that point it got freeze at HDMI search timeout and i don’t see any other screen, not sure what can be the issue and how can do factory reset if I am not able to see anything on the screen other than HDMI turnout

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Hi @Veeruk We regret to hear you are having issues with your VAVA 4k UST Projector. Would you be so kind to try the following steps to see if it solves the issue?

  1. Removed all 3rd party devices.
  2. Unplug the power cable
  3. Check for the latest firmware version 1.4.2
  4. Perform a factory reset 3x

If the issue is still not fixed, kindly take a video of it and send it to Thank you!