Vava Chroma - eye protection mode triggers every 2-3 minutes

Just received my Vava Chroma a few days ago. I have a small child - so the eye protection mode is a welcome feature. However, the eye protection mode is triggering every 2-3 minutes. There definitely is not anything moving near the screen that should activate the feature. Also we have tried cleaning the projection window with the provided cloth. Anyone else with this issue?

Hi @BillyGumdrops We appreciate your feedback. We will look into this immediately. Could you verify where did you purchase the unit? Kindly check if you are on the latest firmware version & please do a factory reset. Thank you!

I bought the projector from

I have updated to the latest firmware and also done a factory reset. The projector continues to go into the eye protection mode every few minutes. Very frustrating.

Hi @BillyGumdrops Please forward a short video of the issue via email at