Vava Chroma doesnt want to update -> solved!

Hey there,

my Chroma doesnt want to update to v01.40.20.

First installation,… plugged it in, choose german language, BT for Remote, wlan, than he found the update. But the chroma stops downloading at 0%.

Also tried it with ethernet connection. But it stops at 0% also. Than i skipped everything and did the factory reset.

Tried to update again, and again the Chroma stops at 0%.


Any ideas?

Btw, downloading and installing Apps is no problem

Actual Firmware is V1.3.1

Ok, Problem is solved. Thanks for the quick response Vava =D changing language to english was the solution. After that the download startet without any Problems =D

Colors are much More better after the update

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Hi @Schwoin We’re glad you were able to resolve the issue. We are grateful for sharing your opinions with us. Happy Holidays!

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Thanks … I had some issue, changing the language solved it.

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