VAVA CAM Pro Base Station to another account

Hi there,
I bought 2 used Vava Cam PROs and a base station.
After scanning the QR code, the APP tells me that you belong to another account …
How can I activate this for myself?


Hi @ttmgunn We regret to hear that you have issue pairing on your Homecam. We would like to know is this a brand new homecam that you’re setting it up? That error message is common if you haven’t set up the base station and camera yet. View the link on how to set up the VA-HS003: How to Setup VAVA Cam Pro - YouTube

Hi and thanks for your answer.
No it isn´t a new cam. I have buyed it over ebay and it is not new. And it is connectet with an other account and it is not my account…
What is to do?

Hi @ttmgunn Thank you for that information. Please provide us a clear image of the QR code on your home cam base. We will have our engineering team check it in our system and do a software reset.
Note: Once our engineering team does a software update on your base station. Make sure you have a stable internet connection for 24-48hrs. Email us the information at Thank You!

OK, many thanks.
I have send a picture!

Hi @ttmgunn Thank you for your email. We will take a look at it and provide you with further instructions. Thank you for your time.

so far nothing has changed…

Hi @ttmgunn We thank you for your response. Have you emailed our for further assistance?

Yes i have send the qr Code / the Picture to @

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