VAVA base station VA-HS003 won't config

Hi, i need some help here please, i have a VAVA base station VA-HS003 and i cant confingure in the app, when i connect the ethernet cable and the energy cable to the base station, the white solid light turns on, but every 2-3 minutes the led light flash in red 5 times and then the led change to solid white again. (my internet connection is stable).
And when i press sync and reset button at the same time, the base station does not enter in pairing mode. What i have to do? is my base station broken? :frowning:

Hi: i bought mine a few monthes back and just tried setting it up. I am experiencing the identical problem you describe. I haven’t found anything yet. Will update if I find anything useful. Bill

I have had the same problem. I called support a week ago today (Friday) and waked through all the setup sets. They opened a ticket and said that this has been a problem and that engineering is investigating. It is supposed to be a high priority. I got an email Monday which said to try again in a couple of days. I too have a stable 200 MBPS connection. I tried again Wednesday evening and got the same result. If you start from the beginning, when you get to the step to press the Sync and Reset button, do it for a long time. Mine flashes red and I kept holding and about 20 more seconds I got the pairing lights. Then the app recognizes the base. However…the base will only show as being offline and you cannot add a camera. Still no resolution. Try calling support in the morning (M-F) after 9AM PDT and open a ticket. The more tickets the more likely they will address the issue.

Is not broken … Unfortunately their sofware is trash … i have the exact same problem, after call customer service they said to keep conected to the power and internet and their tec suport team will fix it in 5 to 7 days … and it’s been 3 weeks and still waiting!! … called them again and told me the same thing

Yeah I’m having the same problem thinking about just throwing in the trash and looking for another name brand

Finaly is update!!! … after a month of calling and emailed, texted to mesenger they finaly update my base satation and is ON LINE … i can add a camera now … they ask pictures from the base station, cameras, the app version, what it showes on the app (when ur base station showes off line) … and explain the problem … very long wait tho!!!

Me too. Everything is working fine. I had to remove and reinstall the base and then it was online for cameras.