Vava baby monitor

My baby monitor VA-IH006 used for 7 months all of a sudden the screen is black, can’t see anything. The light is green and when I turn the monitor on there is a lit black screen. How to I fix this?

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Hello @Sawk We’re truly sorry about what happened to your baby monitor. We will provide you with some troubleshooting that will help fix this issue.

Baby Monitor Troubleshooting Guide:

  1. Try using different charging cables.
  2. Plug it into a different wall outlet.
  3. Press and hold the power button on the baby monitor for 10-15 seconds.
  4. Turn off both monitor and camera to restart/re-sync, wait for 10 secs then power it back on. Turn on the camera first & then the baby monitor, once everything is ON make sure the camera has a SOLID green light indicating that it’s already synced to the baby monitor.
  5. FACTORY RESET do it 3x

If the issue persists, kindly email our Thank you!

Hey Sawk, mine just started acting odd as well. Did the image ever come back on blinking/flashing or you could tell something wasn’t right with the image? Did the recommended fix work for you?

Hi Atrenr1022,

It was weird I must have tried charging it, turning it on n off many times even the camera itself for 1 hr nothing worked. I couldn’t do a factory reset because I couldn’t see the screen… It was black so I can’t select the settings/reset option. I just leave it thinking to return it… Tried again in the evening 5hours later… Suddenly it worked…no problems again since then…??

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I am having the same issue. I can’t factory reset as my screen is black.

The monitors sounds and connection works fine.

Do you know what key strokes to use to factory reset?

Ex. Hit menu, scroll down or right one or two time then hit select etc etc.

Are you able to provide this information so I can try doing this for my monitor?

Hi, @Chiragp511 Thank you for your feedback. Have you tried draining out the battery of the baby monitor? Just let it sit & once the battery is totally drained out try to charged it back please note not to overcharge the Baby monitor. If you’re still getting a Black screen after doing the suggested T.S. Please email our so they can assist you further.