VAVA 4K VS Playstation 5

My Projector runs on 4K on my PC but when I switch to PS5 it won’t run on 4K if I moved my PS5 to my TV it will run on 4K please can you assist me

I checked that I have latest update which is V2.01 and changed the HDMI Cable played with settings but it won’t work

You guys are dead ? is their a support in this company are all of them just asking stupid questions then vanish ?

There is no support on this board.At least i never witnessed an official answer.

But it is unclear what your problem is. maybe you should give more specific info so the community could be off help?

what is the problem? You get no picture if you connect a PS5?

I have a Playstation 5 it wont run on 4K resolution

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What resultion is displayed with the vava projektor?

Try to set to nother output resolution in PS5 settings.

We regret to hear you are having issues with your 4k projector unit. Kindly confirm if you are using an HDMI 2.0 cable and then check if you have turned on the HDMI 2.0 function in the HDMI port ( you can press the menu button on the remote when it is in the HDMI interface to display the setting interface)?
Thank you!

Yeah I have the same issue… PC (mac) is fine… Apple TV and PS5 are no good for 4k. Same setup works with my previous 4k projector and my 4k TV. It’s not the cable. Any setting I set the HDMI2.0 to on the projector makes no difference.

Also WOULD LOVE TO GET AN ANSWER ON THE MEMC being permanently on no matter what I do…

Basically NO MATTER WHAT I DO (cables, reciver, direct, all opf it) this projector is a 1080p motion smoothing projector only.

Whats your phone number??

Hi, @pkingduk Thank you for notifying us about this issue. We will look into this. For you to enable the 4K HDR resolution on your Ps5 you need to change some settings on your PS5 see this link on how to: HOW TO ENABLE 4K HDR ON YOUR PS5 TUTORIAL (PLAYSTATION 5) - YouTube & for Apple TV automatically by default apple will look for the best resolution on their settings however you can watch this video tutorial to check Change these APPLE TV 4K (2021) Settings IMMEDIATELY For the BEST Experience - YouTube

Have a great day!