Vava 4K suddenly 1/3rd Brightness, now dim

My Vava 4k was working perfectly for just about 2 years but over night, the next time i turned it on, it is now 1/3rd as bright as it used to be. It still functions but it is very dim.

I factory reset, cleaned the lense, removed all hdmi devices and used the native interface. No difference.

Has anyone experienced this? Is the laser on it’s way out? Is 2 years an expected laser life?

Any help greatly appreciated, watching LOTR 4K extended over Christmas isn’t doing it for me like it used to :frowning:

Same here! Please let me know if you get a fix…thanks.

oh wow, interesting. Can you give more details of what happened? How old is the projector? Did it just happen after seemingly no event and just turning it back on one day?
Are the colours etc all still ok ?