VAVA 2K Front and Rear Dual Dash Cam hardwire

I’ve bought the VAVA 2K Front and Rear Dual Dash Cam and want to set it up so that I don’t have to use the cigarette plug. Any suggestions? Does it make sense to hardwire or tap a fuse?

Depending on your vehicle, if it has power running to the mirror, you may be able to find an adapter that can plug in to the rear of your mirror that is in line that powers your mirror and has a USB connector to give the camera its power. I bought one for my Toyota Tacoma that works great on Amazon

I’ve hard wired VAVA dashcams in all three of my cars. If you’re comfortable doing this type of work I do recommend it. Getting power isn’t too hard. It’s pulling the wires from the dashcam itself to the fuse panel. Often panels need to be removed to route the wires.

To get power first find an unused fuse location that is switched (only has power when the car is on). To tap into the fuse panel you can remove it and wire to the back of it. In my situations this looked like a difficult and time consuming process.

Instead I bought some Add-a-circuit Fuse TAP Adapters from Amazon. Make sure these are the right size for your fuse panel! They do not come with fuses. I used 5A fuses.

To get 5v from this 12v circuit I also bought this adapter also from Amazon.

Now all of the wires are hidden and the dashcam turns on automatically every time I start my car.

Good luck!

Hi @lschwarcz Thank you for sharing your experience and set-up here in the VAVA Community. We are glad that this has worked for you and we hope it would help others with their dashcam as well.