Vava 2k dual not updating

Hello im having problems updating my firmware & loop recordings. Firstly, the firmware remains stuck “installing the updates…” & it never updates. My other issue from the vava is my loop recordings are not registering, and haven’t recorded since july. I recently noticed because i went to check my vava loop recordings for the first time since july & noticed many months were missing. Please & thank you!

Hi @wrldplay We’re sorry for the inconvenience you’re having with your Dashcam. Kindly try these troubleshooting steps. 1. Please reset the dashcam.2. Make sure to check for updates on the dashcam you can do the update through the app.3. Uninstall and Reinstall the VAVA app. (If the steps provided don’t work please proceed on the Firmware Update) This is how you re-update the firmware. You may download it directly from our website:
Just scroll down to the lower left-hand side and before the reviews, you’ll be able to find the latest firmware version just make sure to choose the right model number of your dashcam.
Flashing the firmware to the Dashcam via SD Card
Step 1: Power down the VAVA Dash Cam. Step 2: Remove the SD Card from the dashcam. Plug the SD Card into a Laptop/Computer. An SD Card reader/SD Card adapter may be needed. The SD Card will come up as a storage device on your Laptop/Computer. Please back up any media files from the sd card you wish to keep. Step 3: Save the firmware file onto the SD Card. Remove the SD Card from your Laptop/Computer. Step 4: Plug the SD Card back into the VAVA Dash Cam.
Step 5: Supply power to the dashcam. Both LEDs on the back of the cam will flash rapidly for about 1 minute. Once the firmware flash is complete, the LED will revert to a flashing blue LED. Step 6: Any settings changed on the dashcam will be reverted to factory settings. Connect to the dashcam via wifi with a mobile device. Step 7: Open the VAVA Dash App. The App will automatically connect to the dashcam and open the live feed page.
Step 8: Tap on the settings cogwheel icon at the top right of the page.
Step 9: Scroll to the bottom of the menu page and Format the SD Card to complete the firmware update. Please see the attachment for more information.
Another reference is VAVA Dash Cam - Reflashing The Firmware - YouTube

If still the same issue persists kindly send us an email at Thank you!

thank you so much! it worked

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