Va-lt002 chinese not android sofwere VAVA

Does anyone can help with this topic ?
va-lt002 chinese not android sofwere and is running 1.06 version

@milanrey86 You can change the language to English in the settings. VAVA 4K laser TV’s operating system supports Android 7.1 with Aptoide app.

Does not have android installed i need to do a super factory reset i did it and is coming back with that chinese screen.

Not vava more like caca

@milanrey86 Please email us the video of the issue and send it to to assist you further. Thank you!

sorry for the late response but last time you ask me for the receipt and i dont have it, the projector still not android and turn off by him self sometimes, does like a click and goes off, is any possibility tha can be fix or replace i need a solution please.