Using the new Chromecast TV

Hi everyone so I got my google Chromecast tv (with remote) to work now.

  1. As noted from a previous post, set your VAVA projector so that it boots up from HDMI 1 (or whichever port your chromecast is in). This way you wont ever need the vava remote again.

  2. When setting up your chromecast remote, use the “Panasonic” settings. It doesn’t matter if the volume/power doesn’t fully work, just finish the setup.

  3. When you’re in the chromecast OS, use the chromecast remote to go to settings > Remote & accessories > Setup remote buttons and in here make sure the “volume” and “power button” settings are set to “AUTO CEC” and not the panasonic default.

This should make it so your chromecast remote turns on/off the projector and control volume.

Thanks for the update, if you have need further assistance feel free to email our support mailbox:

I followed the steps above and I am only able to power on the projector. The volume buttons from the Chromecast remote do not work and I cannot power down the projector; the screen goes black but I’m thinking that’s the Chromecast itself blacking out. How can I resolve this problem?

Hi @TexDeck We are sorry if your having trouble setting up your remote with the VAVA 4k Projector. Kindly try to apply factory reset and updating the firmware of the 4k projector then redo the steps above.

If you have any further questions or concerns please email