Triple monitor setup with usb-c hub and laptop

I have:

  • 1 Thinkpad laptop, with only 1 HDMI port (no display port or VGA)
  • 1 USB-C Hub (Vava va-uc006)

I then tried connecting one monitor directly to the laptop via HDMI and another through the hdmi port on the usb-c hub. However, I can never get them both to work simultaneously.

Here’s a step by step of the issue:

  1. I connect the usb-c hub to the laptop through its usb-c port
  2. I connect monitor A directly to the laptop, through its hdmi port
  3. At this point, the monitor is detected and everything’s working fine
  4. Then, I connect monitor B to the HDMI port on the usb-c hub

At this point, monitor A stops being detected (it doesn’t even show up in the Windows Device Manager anymore) at the same time as monitor B gets detected. If I then disconnect the HDMI cable for monitor B, then monitor A gets instantly detected once again.

Can anyone help me? As far as I’ve seen, my laptop is supposed to support up to 3 displays, so this shouldn’t be an issue, right?

Hi @tonif4. When using the USB-C ports it allows you to use multiple monitors at the same time depending on the capacity, but using the USB-C port and the laptop’s HDMI port at the same time oftentimes does not work because of the laptop’s limitation. The best way to know more about this is to ask the laptop’s manufacturer for more details.

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