The screen suddenly disappears

The screen suddenly disappears, no image, even though the projector stays on all the time. There is not much explanation for what happen, because sometimes it happens right after 5 minutes of use, as sometimes it can take hours to happen.

Important to emphasize:
The equipment is on a piece of furniture with no object nearby, about 1 meter free on each side.
Room temperature at 22 degrees Celsius.
Equipment updated to the latest version (2.1).
Purchase made by Amazon in September 2020.

I performed the factory reset, but after about 30 minutes of use, unfortunately the same problem happened.

I’ve already sent a message to support via email, but I still haven’t had a solution. Has anyone ever experienced this?

Hi, @HSismil Thank you for reporting this issue to us. Also, we received an update that you have already communicated with our email support. In line with this concern please continue to communicate with them to further assist you. Thank you!