Text Notifications

It has been 3 weeks since text notifications work on the home Cam. This started after the Apple IOS update of 15.6.1. When will this be fixed so we can receive text notification alerts.


Hello @u454243, Thank you for notifying us about this issue. We received notification from the Engineering team that this is a known issue and is still under examination. Currently, there is no known solution yet. We will get in touch with you as soon as we received the latest update. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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Yeah, this stinks. No notifications, kinda pointless when all my VAVA cameras are being used for motion and notifications

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I have the same problem and haven’t received notifications from Vava Home in months. Has this issue been resolved yet?

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Same here. No text notifications for a couple of months as well.

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I have same problem too. And I think its not fixed yet.

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Is anyone still not receiving notifications on their phones? It’s been around 4 months since this feature stopped working. Cameras are useless!

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Still no notifications on phone. Only email.

VAVA support had my uninstall app, remove cameras from base (basically factory reset) and same outcome. Ticks me off

Do you guys have Android or IOS phone ?

I have both: Ipone 12 and Android Pixel 3. Neither one is getting

Thank you,

I notified you in August stating that notifications don’t work via text messages. This should have been fixed months ago. What is the status? Is VAVA still in business? You need to service what you sell…