Terrible Customer Service

Hands down the most frustrating customer service experience my wife and I have ever dealt with trying to get a product for our 1 and 3 year old kids. We ordered a baby monitor to replace an infant optics that broke down after 3 years and VAVA sent the wrong item. After we explained that if we couldn’t quickly get a replacement we’d like a refund, we have gotten unclear and evasive responses and still haven’t gotten a monitor a month later. Delays happen, but the deceptive communication is unacceptable. Infant optics has much more professional and helpful customer service so would highly recommend them over Vava

Hi @Whoffman we are sorry for the experience that you have had with our team and for the trouble. We would like this to be resolved as soon as possible. We recommend reaching out to our team at support@vava.com for our team to address the issue with the wrong item being sent.

I have engaged with them for a month and they are similarly unhelpful. I don’t understand why this is so difficult—if you have a monitor to send (that we HAVE PAID FOR) then send it, if not, admit you have no inventory and just issue a refund and say go with another company. Instead, it’s a runaround. How about Team VAVA fix this?

Hi @Whoffman. We have coordinated this with our support and have escalated the issue. You should hear an update soon. Again we apologize and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

Good luck in getting any real response from Customer service that doesn’t start with an apology and end with a promise they will never deliver on.