Supported 3D DLP glasses

Maybe this topic has been already answered but I couldn’t find it jet.
Does VAVA provide any specifications about DLP glasses which are supported by VAVA Chrome projectors? Does anyone have success with watching 3D movies with VACA Chrome?
A list of supported DLP glasses would be helpful and should be delivered by VAVA team by now.


oh gee 3D glasses and films i think will never come back its dead
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Common guys! Is there really NO ONE using VAVA Chrome with 3D feature? No one?
I thought official VAVA support also could answer here but it seems to be not existing… what a shame!

Either VAVA Chrome is 3D capable projector and VAVA needs to provide us with correct information which is not existing now or their statement about 3D is a fairytale.

shouldn’t any dlp glasses work? as long as the projector has 3d functionality all projectors use dlp for 3d.

There are few different 3D glasses from the frequency point of view and VAVA didn’t provide any information about it… 120Hz, …144Hz,…
Or no one on this forum wrote about it…did it work… what glasses…specification…

If you find out can you report back?

Did you ever find out? I tried some dlp glasses but the 3d didn’t seem to work properly

I do not have the Vava Chroma PJ but I have the first gen Vava 4k PJ. Both of my DLP 140hz glasses work, but neither of my older 120hz DLP glasses work. Not sure about the Chroma model though. I would try the 144hz glasses over the 120hz.

Many thanks…at least you provide some specific information. It is a shame that on official VAVA forum no one from VAVA support participate…