SONOS ARC compatibility with Vava 4K

Having trouble finding a straight answer online as to the question of compatibility of the Sonos Arc with the Vava 4k projector through the HDMI ARC outlet. Trying to avoid a very expensive mistake and want to stay away from the delay and lip synch issues I am currently having with my old Samsung bar. Some people seem to not have an issue with the Sonos Arc while other Vava users are. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @ssalimitari. The VAVA projector has Dolby Digital for our sound source and the Sonos ARC supports Dolby Atmos. While the Sonos ARC works when connecting to both optical cable and HDMI ARC there are instances that the streaming device or the sound source overrides the decoding of sound and that results to no sound coming out of the Sonos ARC.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us at Thank you!

Hi. I recently bought the Sonos Arc and paired it with the Vava projector and am encountering the same issue of no sound after shutdown and repower or source switch between a PS5 and ATV4K. Is this possibly a faulty arc port or a known issue with no solution? Thanks

Hi @s.harbour We are sorry for the trouble you have with your unit. Though it’s too early for us to say that the unit is faulty. We recommend reaching out to our team at and send a video sample of the issue to them. Thank you!