Slightly washed out image on LT002 VAVA projector

I have been using different projectors for my home theater for over 20 years. I bought VAVA 4k LT002 a few months ago.
The issue is that some of the videos appear little washed out/ overexposed. No matter whatever settings I try, this problem is not solved. I have other projectors too, when I watch same video on others (eg. Benq w2700) it just looks fine and saturated. I checked videos both ways, i.e. using and android tv box attached through HDMI (2.0 activated), as well as through VAVA inbuilt apks, the problem appears to be with VAVA projector and not the video.
I am using latest firmware update 2.20 version.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

Could you please send a copy of the original purchase receipt and a video demonstrating the problem with the device via email to We will have dedicated customer service to solve your problem.