Sheild TV on Vava 4k

Is anyone using Shield TV with the 4k Laser Projector and if so, what has been your experience? From other comments, the IR/RF remote still doesn’t seem to obviate the need to resort to the projector’s remote for sound on/off? That obviously needs to be fixed by VAVA asap, but does the AI upscale work well on the projector?

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I’m using my 2017 Shield TV with my projector, it’s been perfect fine. The current Shield firmware allows for it to change the refresh rate per the video and it works well. Mine is in 4k mode all the time with HDMI 2.0 enabled. Can’t speak to AI upscaling but as this is performed on the Shield it just passes the upscaled video to be displayed. The projector doesn’t care one way or another, it’s just a video signal. The only remote I use is my Shield remote which adjusts volume on my AVR via CEC. Unfortunately I have to use the vava remote to turn off the projector, which the turns off everything else also via CEC, because it won’t fully turn off the projector, it just puts it to sleep projecting black.

Hope that helps!

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In general, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro works great with the VAVA except for the CEC/power compatibility issues. I also own/use a Roku, Apple TV 4K, and Fire TV stick 4k. I think the NVIDIA Shield TV Pro’s interface and remote are the best combination.

I think the AI upscaling works great. I have it on “high detail” and you can really see the difference. Lower setting are less obvious.

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Bumping this thread up as I just got my Vava & Shield TV. Hope to hear more feedback from fellow users. Thank you.