Roku + volume support

Looks like Roku has completely broken support to controlling the volume for the vava in their latest update.

Roku’s customer support claiming any projector is not supported.


For a variety of reasons, I’ve switched to an Apple TV 4K instead of the various other players out there. It works great with CEC compared the previous Roku and FireTV stick. From what I’ve been told, the only other good option is the Nvidia Shield, but its far older and more expensive.

@garyb - is this something you confirmed with Vava support? I just had the same issue with my Roku 4k stick where the volume control just stopped working. It had stopped several months ago and then, seemingly after re-pairing it, it started working again. Then, just two days ago, it stopped. I’ve tried unpairing and repairing the remote but nothing works.

Sounds like I’m back to double remote controls?

I verified with the roku support. I paired a remote tcl roku TV remote with the roku streaming stick+ and I can control the volume up/down/mute. I can even press the power button to turn on the vava but power off still doesn’t work.

Thanks @garyb. I have a few of those TCL Roku remotes myself and will give that a try. I’ve never had it working where I could turn the projector on, so if I can get it working I’ll at least have gained something more.

@garyb - while I thought it would be easy to take my TCL Roku remote and pair it with my 4k Roku stick, I couldn’t find a way to do it. My TCL Roku remote is a simple remote and uses infrared while my 4k Roku stick is an enhanced remote and has a pairing button.

How did you get your TCL remote paired with the Roku stick on n your Vava?

I just went through the normal process (atleast I think it was normal). I went through the settings → remotes → add remote → paired it (didn;t have to select tv type). Used my phone with the roku app to navigate through the menus.

My tcl remote model is rc-al5 which came from my “TCL 43S517 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV (2018 Model)”.

Thanks @garyb. Well, the remote that came with my Roku 4k streaming stick was an enhanced RF remote. But the remote that came with my 65” TCL TV was a standard IR remote which requires line of site. Because my streaming stick is behind the Vava, it blocks the IR signal and won’t work with the stick. Also, the remote doesn’t have a pairing button, so I can’t find a way to pair it to the streaming stick.

I think I’m going to go the route of a 4K Roku Streambar Pro. I may not get the ability to control the on/off of the Vava, but at least I can use 1 remote to control the audio and channels.