Problem with Picture shutting off

I have had my VAVA 4k projector for 8 months and now the picture is turning off while watching but still has sound but no picture. If I turn it off overnight and try it again the next day it will work fine for about 45 minutes and then the picture turns off and just sound again. There is plenty of space on the sides of the projector so not sure if it is overheating. Would like to know what the problem could be. Thanks

Hello @rickw1017, Thank you for notifying us about this issue. Let us get this sorted out. Would you be so kind to try the following steps to see if it solves the issue?

Make sure it is not overheating and there’s enough space for proper air ventilation. It needs at least 30cm of space from the sides, for proper airflow. Please try performing a factory reset by going to Settings> General> Factory Reset. Make sure that your firmware is updated. You can check this by going to Settings>General>Update version. Please update the projector if it is not up to date.

If the issue is still not fixed, kindly take a video of it and send it to Thank you!

There is plenty of space on the sides of projector. Nothing within 2 ft. The firmware is up to date 2.20. I did do a factory reset and the projector has been working fine for 2 hours now and hasn’t lost the picture. I will continue to monitor the situation and see if the factory reset fixed the problem. Thanks

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