Parking mode not working

My wife has a Vava 2k dual dash cam, and with Parking Mode enabled, it will turn on by itself whenever she opens the driver’s door to get inside.

I just bought the same model for my car, installed it, and with Parking Mode enabled (Medium by default), it doesn’t turn on by itself despite me slamming the door. It only turns on if I turn on the car, so it seems like Parking Mode isn’t working?

Hi @kevit725 We regret to hear that you’re having issues with the dashcam “Parking Mode”. Could you tell us when the issue started? What’s the model number? Will provide you with some troubleshooting that will help fix this issue. 1. Power Cycle dashcam 2. Uninstall and ReInstall the APP 3. Factory Reset 4. Check firmware vesion. If the issue persists kindly email us at Thank you!


The dash cam is brand new, and I noticed this issue yesterday (9/12/21) after I installed it for the first time.

The model number is VA-VD009.


Hi @kevit725 As soon as the engine starts, the dashcam will start to record “loop recording” and you can only view the recording right after the minutes you set up the video.
As soon as you shut off the car engine, the dashcam will automatically switch to “parking mode”. This means it’s not recording but it’s insecurity mode, ready to record any possible crashes or if a certain force is being detected. That’s a 15 seconds video clip. Once done with the recording it will then go back to “parking mode”.