Pairing camera to already used monitor

My vava baby monitor got water in it and will now not turn on. I currently have two baby monitors and two cameras (each paired separately). I’m wanting to pair my camera to my other baby monitor so that I can view two rooms on my one good working monitor, but the camera will not pair. I’m assuming it’s because it’s still paired to the broken monitor. Since I can’t do a Factory reset on the broken monitor because it won’t even turn on, how can I pair the camera to my working monitor?

Hi @Jbfranz We’re sorry to hear about what happened to your baby monitor. Hope this helps. In case you haven’t tried it yet, we suggest putting the screen in a bag of uncooked rice (totally covered) and leaving it there for about three days. Rice is known to absorb water and moisture from electronic devices. We’ve had a few devices tried and this is really effective.