None of the HDMI ports work

Bought vava chroma couple of months back and just got the fire stick thinking it will help as the vava native apps dont work. Netflix app doesnt work with the remote, youtube app doesnt allow logins, arc hmdi doesnt recognize the theatre system and now the final straw is none of the hdmi ports recognize fire stick. What a waste product.

what version are you on

VAVA Chroma LV068_V1.8.5 - Latest version. But what difference does it make. HDMI Ports not recognizing any of the devices is something fishy.

you probably have something hooked up wrong

What would I connect wrong between fire stick and projectors hdmi port.

If you have arc hooked up to a receiver for sound system, the fire stick should be hooked up to the receiver hdmi port

Also update it to latest version, that’s out of date

Same issue here. I received mine two days ago. None of the hdmi ports work for me: most up-to-date firmware, various hdmi cables (including brand new ones and ones I have been using for my TV and monitors), with laptop or playstation.

Then I took a closer look at the ports, realizing it does not look right. The actual ports are not close enough to the case, so when you plug in cable, it does not fully connect. I guess they really have bad QC in assembly, even though the optical units are pretty damn good.

I have been trying to contact customer support for hours today, no response in email, no chats back, phone call is essentially ‘thanks for being in line’… Great experience! Let me know if anyone finds out a solution (without opening the case and blow the warranty).

Yeah we figured it out couple of weeks back. Basically I had to cut the plastic on the end of HDMI plug a few millimeters to get to go in completely. I was able to get all HDMI ports working after that. However the problems with it are never ending. I dont think its software is updating. The local apps are a mess. Thanks to fire stick I am able to use all apps from there.

Cutting down the cable is a good idea. I will give it a shot. Software is less of a concern to me if an external unit can be hooked up to it…

I was only able to get one of the hdmi ports to work using a strimmed down hdmi cable. Others seems to have additional issues. Great! I noticed a great number of issues already. Not worth to live with it. Will try returning.