No HDMI 2.0 for PC?

New projector owner w/latest firmware. Hooked up my PC and it works OK when HDMI 2.0 is set to OFF - can do 1080p or 4K (but latter limited to 30 fps). I have tried various different graphics settings to no avail. Whatever I do, when I turn HDMI 2.0 on it loses the picture. (FYI if I log into my PC via Moonlight, I am able to change the nVidia settings and it seems to support 4K@60fps, 4:2:2 etc. but I cannot get the picture to show up.)

Tried several different cables, including one that works with other HDMI 2.0 displays (like my regular TVs).

Anyone have success w/Windows 10 PC and HDMI 2.0?

FYI, this was an issue w/cable length. I switched from a 25’ copper cable (which previously worked with other displays) to a 33’ fiber cable and it works flawlessly. 4K@60 fps and 4:2:2 chroma.

This projector seems to be a bit touchier than other displays; the longest copper run I could use from PC was about 12’.

Now it’s 4K bliss for me in Cyberpunk 2077!