New Vava Screen warps

Screen warps during damp weather
this is the second time the weather has been warm and damp…I had my terrace door open and look at what keeps happening to the screen…this is the new Vava 100 inch screen…is this common?..screen is tight when I installed it and fine the rest of the time, but this just stinks…by next day it’s back to normal when weather is clear

called VAVA support today…absolutely no help

asked me to resend the info to support…seems it’s common knowledge to them that screens warp with climate and room changes…however no help offered.

Hi, @gene9p Thank you for sharing your feedback with the ALR Screen. We have checked the photo that you’ve shared it appears the screen is normal. Please note there are factors that we can’t control such as weather conditions. A temperature higher than 65 degrees Fahrenheit is highly recommended. Happy Holidays!

Normal???.. you call what happens normal and I have to wait a day to watch my VAVA projector again…I’ll take a refund if you can arrange it or a replacement roll of the screen material. There is no mention of wave problems and temperature changes on your site, in your manuals,etc…

Hi, @gene9p Unfortunately we can’t do a refund since this was purchased through BestBuy. Please continue to communicate with the support team via email at to further assist you.