Netflix don’t work

Hi there. I just want to let you know, Netflix don’t work on VAVA.

Hi @Allroadbiturbo We appreciate your feedback. The App version we have with the 4K UST is aptoide & android 7.1 so, it’s limited with some apps such as Netflix, Disney +, HBO and etc. but this is not a quality issue.

We suggest our customers use a 3rd party streaming device such as Roku, Apple TV &, etc.

You have to switch the projector to “mouse mode” in the general settings at the bottom. Then you can interact withy the Netflix app. I think it’s expecting a touch input and not a remote because of the android version they are using. Not a great solution but it works.

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Thanks. I bought an Apple TV box. Problem solved.

Sincerely yours
Mit bestem GrussPatrick R. Duss

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