Netflix App not working

Unfortunately I can’t use the Netflix app.
The app is installed but not responding. I can’t do any input with the remote control.
Even a new installation didn’t help!
What should I do?

Hello @Michael We appreciate your honest feedback. We regret to hear that you’re having issues with apps. To better assist you, could you tell us the model number? Was this the VAVA Chroma or the VA-LT002?

It is a Vava Chroma!
I only have the problem with the Netflix app. All other apps work perfectly. Greetings, Michael

Hi, @Michael This issue has been raised with our development team. How about if you used a 3rd party streaming device does Netflix works? Please email our to forward the error msg or short video of the issue. Thank you!

I have the same problem, when you switch to mouse / pointer modus you can use the Netflix app.


Interesting xD thanks for Sharing!

How can i switch the chroma to mouse/ pointer modus?

Hi @Michael Hope you’re doing well. You can also plug in any USB mouse to the back of the projector as another means to control your media.

Hi I got my Vava Chroma delivered today and while installing apps I am facing same issue with Netflix app. Do you have solution for this issue?

Hello, @vish22 Thank you for notifying us about this issue. As of the moment, we are still waiting for a new firmware update. We suggest you used a 3rd party streaming device

Also, please email our to forward the error msg or short video of the issue. Thank you!

Hi Team Vava.
I just received Chroma and Netflix and youtube does not work with provided remote.
Also firmware does not update even though it is updated and installed and reset after as required.
What is wrong with this?
It is day one that i almost feel to return now.

Hi there, please try to change the language to English and try to update the Chroma again. This should have been fixed by the new update. For the Netflix app, please use your remote as a mouse to hover on the app or you can plug any USB mouse to control your media.

If the issue continues, please email us at to assist you further.

Thank you and have a great day!