My projector keeps shutting off itself


I got a vava 4k laser projector 6 months back. For last 2 months, it keeps on shutting off itself randomly. Sometimes, it shuts off 5-6 times in an hour. It is not overheated as I do not use the projector much.

Anyone know how to resolve this issue? It is up to date on software. Could not really figure out anything.

Hi @pawankarki23. Please try to remove all connected devices on the projector like streaming devices or external speakers and make sure it is not overheating. Observe if you would still have the same issue and let us know by sending an email to with a short video of the issue. Thank you!

Did you ever get a solution, mine has done that 3-4 times randomly. So annoying.

Hi @substantial_crap We are sorry for the trouble you encountered with the projector. Have you tried the step above and did not have any improvement on the device? We suggest reaching out to our team at to have this issue addressed.

Yes, I think might be related to CEC settings on Nvidia Shield not working very nicely with the Vava projector, I use my  tv primarily so, I tweaked some CEC settings on the Shield, I will keep you posted, hasn’t happened again in the last 16 hours.

Hello @substantial_crap Thank you for the feedback, let us know if there’s any improvement. If the issue still persist you can reach our team