Movie dvd topic info you dont know but need to know

i am going to pass on info you don’t know
we all know stores you buy the new dvds there movie prices for
blue rays from 22 up to 39
and 4K Ultra HD Movies 34 and up

i dont pay full prices any more and have not payed full price the last time i payed full price for any dvd was back in 2005 and 2006

heres the info you want and need to know and we all know about buying online deals is not the way to go
go to pawnshops only theres why
many like to watch dvds and trade them in and i mean really crazy finds lets say it just came out and if you hold out for a week or 2 many dvds are traded in …note this goes for areas !!!
if you have no sales tax like me in my state …and here is what i pay for my used dvds from pawnshops in my area with no sales tax and not online

i buy used dvds it does not matter how new or old the dvds are i pay 50 cents ea if they are on sale
and normal dvd prices are only 1 dollar ea every day
and blue rays are only 3 ea
and 4K Ultra HD Movies are only 4 ea
and box sets are 5 ea
over all i get about 1200 to 2500 dvds a week or two weeks and theres no limit of what you could buy
and yes i can get something that just came out a week or too later for the price it would never be and i have saved so much ,


you cant put dvds on a HDD theres no way now
long ago but not now