MEMC always-on solve?

Heres a fun thing which is fun and not at all frustrating. I have had a LOT of issues with MEMC not being able to “close” and I think I might have found a way (at least for now) to get this projector (chroma) to stop MEMCing all of my picture into crappy soap opera mode. What I have BEEN doing is hitting home and changing settings… no matter how many times I “close” MEMC… no dice. Also whenever I update or change any setting it’ll pop back on. lol murder… So what I just found is that if I hit the little settings button on the remote and the settings side panel pops up on the right over the picture and I shut off MEMC it actually turns off and stays off. So I’ve been trying to get this thing to work from the home screen settings, rather than the picture overlay settings. Make sense? Not sure if I’m the only one having this isse with the home screen, but thought I’d share since I have been really struggling with this and the tech support hasnt really stepped up to try and solve this for me.