Issues With Chromecast

Just got my project and everything set up pretty well. I do have a couple of issues though that maybe someone can help with.

  1. I have the new chromecast tv (with the remote). I was able to set it up and even use the remote to control the volume and turn the projector on/off. Whenever I turn it on though, the chromecast window shows up on the projector on the left had side in a small (minimized) window. This means I have to use the regular remote to click on it first, then it will turn full screen and then I can use the chromecast remote again. I would ideally just like to use one remote all the time (the chromecast one) instead of having to use the projector remote to select my input every time.

  2. The second issue is again with the chromecast. If I switch the HDMI to HDMI 2.0, my chromecast loses wifi connection. I re-set my chromecast multiple times, turned the projector on and off multiple times. Nothing gets the wifi working unless it’s just on the regular HDMI option and not HDMI 2.0. I don’t really know how this affects the quality of the chromecast, but had not seen this brought up before.