Is it possible to install APKs on the Vava Chroma?

Hey, I wanted to ask if there is a way to install .apk files on the Vava Chroma - when I tried it, these files were not even displayed in the file explorer. Is there a way? I would like to install both the Steam Link and the Moonlight tv app - both are there to stream a PC Game live from a PC to a TV through the home network. Since both apps have advantages and disadvantages, it would be nice to have both. So is it possible to install this as an APK and would it be possible for you to bring the two to the App Store for easier access for everyone? It would be very nice to play games like “The Quarry” on 120 Inches :smiley:

Hello @Cyantox, Thank you for notifying us. It’s possible to download APK files to Chroma however please be advised that APK files are ripped from random websites. We don’t recommend customers to use APK. We suggest using a streaming device instead.