Image get pixels that can no see anymore

I buy this VAVA projector 1 year and 4 moths years before and now I have this problem (check the picture) anyone can help me?



I have the same problem but not as bad. Their going to tell you , you only had a one year warranty. Person i spoke to told me this is a reoccurring problem then told me to go through Amazon to get it replaced. Yeah right,Amazon said to go through the manufacturer told me take them to small claims court . Still using it but i know its going to get like yours just a matter of time . CACA

I know about the warranty, but still, I want this to be fixed and maybe they can help me normally I will pay for !

SUPPORT can give me some answer please ?

Ask a bunch of projector repair service providers like this one

report back what they say and how much to fix

support is overwhelmed

Probably failing DLP or DMD chip, common problem among all branded ultra short throw projectors