How to login to Netflix

Hello I just got the 4K projector and installed the Netflix app , but how can I navigate to login ? Seems the remote does do nothing on that screen

Hi, @rmarinho Thank you so much for notifying us about the issue. Kindly pair the remote control. This is how you do it.

How to Connect Remote Control

The remote is paired but it seems I can t use it on the Netflix app , the app opens and I don’t have a cursor or anything

Hi @rmarinho We regret to hear that you’re having issues downloading the applications on the projector.

Could you check if you have the latest firmware version 2.10? If so, try to do a factory reset 3x.

You can also, press and hold the center select button on the remote while hovering over the application. This will show some options including uninstall.

Hi @rmarinho In any case, the issue persists. We suggest you use a 3rd party streaming device. The App version we have with the 4K is aptoide & android 7.1 so, it’s limited with some apps. To learn more about what works best with other customers please join VAVA 4K Projector Community | Official

Exact same issue here with new Chroma. Netflix is supposed to work with Android TV 7.1.1. Anyone able to solve this?

Hello @tporter37 Thank you for notifying us about this inquiry. For VAVA Chroma the system used Android 9.0 the app store should support YouTube, HBO, NetFlix, Hulu, ESPN, Disney+. Enjoy your week. Keep safe!