How do you set a boot source?

How do you pick a HDMI as a boot source? My Apple TV will turn on the projector, but the projector starts at the home menu. Can I set it to boot to HDMI 1 and eliminate the home menu for the projector as it is annoying to have to select it each time I turn the TV on.

At this time it is not possible. We have to wait for a firmware update to fix this annoying issue.

You can do this and it’s pretty easy it’s just not in the most intuitive place in the menus. I’ll do my best to describe:

  1. From the projector home screen (the purple screen with the inputs & App Store) use your remote to navigate to the gear in the upper right and select the gear.

  2. Next, from the overlay of options, navigate to “Display

  3. Scroll down to “boot source” and use the left/right arrow on the remote to select the boot source you want to use. NOTE: boot source is two options below “electronic power focus” so you will need to scroll to see it.

This has worked like a charm for me, and with HDMI 2.0 & HDMI-CEC turned on I’m able to use my apple remote & Apple TV to wake the projector to boot right into the Apple TV, and put the project to sleep when I put my Apple TV to sleep. Another side note – I didn’t see the “Boot source” option initially when setting up my projector, but I also wasn’t looking. After I updated my projector to the latest firmware and saw others on here talking about the boot source I decided to comb through the menus to find it myself.

OMG, That worked like a charm.