Home button on remote doesn't work

Except ‘home’ button, all other buttons on my remote works. I tried resetting remote by hitting ‘back’ and ‘menu’ button but that didn’t fix the issue.
My remote doesn’t look damaged (physically) so I believe this is some glitch in the remote or projector.

As I can’t hit ‘home’, I can’t even access the settings or any other system menu. I have setup my FireTvStick as default/onstart port, so projector is taking me directly on fire UI.

Please help fixing the issue - at least let me know how to access settings on Vava projector.

Note: I tried calling customer care on this, but transfer my phone - and after waiting for 10+mins, system dropped my call. :frowning:

HI, @rushi.jagtap Thank you for notifying us about this issue. We will look into this immediately. We apologize for the long wait & drop call, our phone support team is having a phone system issue at this time.

For your remote control, you can repair it by changing the battery and simply pressing and holding the return and menu buttons on your remote for 10 seconds while being within 2 feet from the projector. This is a guaranteed way of getting the remote reconnected to the projector.

If the issue still persists kindly email our support@vava.com

In the meantime, you can download our VAVA Projector app found in the Apple/Playstore which has a fully functioning remote for you to utilize. Alternatively, you can also plug in any USB mouse to the back of the projector as another means to control your media.

Just putting a mouse in USB port helped me gain control over projector - so if you have any issues, just use usb mouse and then you can take control back to your projector.

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