high-pitched screech sound


Just received my Vava projector :film_projector:: just fantastic!

BUT… and its a BIG BUT…

It permanently makes a high-pitched screech sound… the more brightness the louder or is… very painful and destroying the whole experience…

Below a brightness of 3 it is much better (but still vaguely present)

Above 3: very disturbing…

What to do? Defect? Replacement unit under warranty?

Thanks for helping


Hi, @yj000018 We regret to hear you are having issues with your VAVA 4k UST Projector. Would you be so kind to try the following steps to see if it solves the issue?

Please try performing a factory reset by going to Settings> General> Factory Reset.
Once the projector is reset, please make sure that the projector has the latest firmware.
This can be done by going to Settings>General>Update version. Please update the projector if it is not up to date.

If the issue is still not fixed, kindly take a video of it and send it to support@vava.com. Thank you!

Ive noticed this also. My projector is up to date and reset many times. No change. I put my brightness at 4 every time i turn on the projector. It will not remember this setting. The sound is managable at this setting but still annoying. Hoping for a update that will fix this high pitched sound and keep the brightness at where i want it.

Hi, thanks for helping!

I of course restarted, reset , upgraded (latest firmware)… no change at all

There is no way to use it above 3: much too noisy for such a quality projector…

Please advise what to do… should I send it back??

I have the same problem, is there any solution for that yet?

Hi @Davemed @yj000018 @Yevgen Where did you purchase your projector? Is there a way for you to clean the air fans? Could be the reason why it’s high-pitched because of the dirt inside the fans.

For cleaning the air fans, you may use compressed air pumps to blow off the air, also brush and cloth are ways to clean the projector.

Please note it is not recommended to open the projector.

I bought my projector diractly from VAVA Germany. The sound is really annoying and you cant enjoy the movie. While there are quite atmosphere moments in the movie you hear that ennoying peep sound.

Hi @Yevgen We would like to verify the order number? Was this a VAVA Chroma or the LT002 model?

Hi @TeamVAVA i got a new projector that is more quite now. Thank you for help

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Tried everything
new unit is the only solution
Vava: how to proceed from here? You send me a new unit first?

Hello, @yj000018 to further assist you could you confirm where you purchase your projector? & whats the model number you’re referring to VA-LT002 or Chroma?

Hi dear support team,

I purchased it via Indigigogo

Contribution ID

Contribution Date
September 14, 2021

April 27, 2022

And it is a chroma yes…

Thanks for helping I don’t know what else to do (latest OS of course etc)

Hi @yj000018, We appreciate you providing us with the details. We suggest to email our VAVA Chroma team at hello@vava.com so they can further assist you. Thank you for your precious time.