HDR10+? Dolby Atmos?

I have a few questions about the VAVA! Will the projector receive a software update to support HDR10+ And Dolby Atmos (at least for pass-through over ARC?) Will we also receive better 3D capabilities?

Also - does the VAVA upscale 1080p to 4K or does it just show the source signal?

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Can´t answer the first questions but the vava does upscale a 1080p signal. In fact it will upscale almost any signal to 4k. (doesn´t upscale interlaced signal)

does anyone have any updates here?

Hello! The VAVA 4k uses HDR10 for visual graphics and has Dolby Digital for the sound source, you could use an external soundbar to get Dolby Atmos, it would require the use of a receiver to do the decoding on the sound. Currently, there is no latest update yet as to when the HDR10+ and Dolby Atmos would be supported. Thank you.