GPS on the 4K Dashcam

I have the 4K Dashcam (model: P010203) and I’d love to pickup the GPS unit that works with this model but cannot find anywhere that is selling it… any ideas?

@gotkd21 The model number starts with VA followed by 2 letters and 3 numbers, so that we can check your inquiry.

Please email us at to assist you further. Thank you!

Sorry… picked up the model of the device from the app. Model is VA-VD004.

@gotkd21 Thank you for providing us the model number. Can you tell us more about your inquiry? Is there an issue that you encounter with your VAVA dash cam?

I am interested in ensuring I have a GPS capability for my dashcam… and their is some doc out there that says there is an add on component to this dashcam but I cannot find this available anywhere… so I was asking if there is still an add on GPS that will work with this dashcam.


@gotkd21 Please be advised that this model has a built-in GPS Sensor. So, no need for you to purchase another one. You can download the VAVA app for your dashcam on the app store on your phone.

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Thank you!