G sensor sensitivity

I have the dual vava dash cam. I noticed on the g sensor sensitivity for when it’s parked and the key is off it seems like the sensitivity for high medium and low are all the same is high the most sensitive setting because when I bump the bumper or kick the tire or hit the window it really doesn’t record only when I slam the door shut it’s installed on the windshield next to the rear view mirror am I doing something wrong I wish it was sensitive enough to where you hit the bumper really hard it would go off in case of an accident.

Hello, @Brad Thank you for notifying us about this concern. Hope this clarifies your inquiry. For all our dashcams as soon as you shut off the car engine, the dashcam will automatically switch to parking mode. This means it’s not recording but it’s insecurity mode, ready to record any possible crashes or if a certain force is being detected. That’s a 15 seconds video clip. Once done with the emergency recording it will then go back to parking mode.