Fold on VAVA 100 inch ALR screen

Bought VAVA ALR screen, after installation, the corner shows fold. Any idea how to get rid of it?


Hi @Shawn. Can you double check if all the spring hooks are attached when installing? Kindly send an email to with the answer and the issue so our support team can further assist you. Thank you!

Yes, all spring hooks are attached. The right side is fine. The fold only shows on the left top and bottom corner.

Hi @Shawn We are sorry if this is causing you trouble. We recommend reaching out to our for further assistance to have this addressed.

Hi I just noticed the same thing in the middle of my screen as well and pulled it off the wall.

Confirmed that all springs are still attached as well.

Hi @nyharris, We regret to hear that you have issues with your VAVA ALR Screen, would you be so kind to try to tighten the tension rods. If you continue to have issues, we recommend reaching out to, to further assist you. Thank you!

Thank you for the reply. This version doesn’t have tension rods, just the springs. I double checked the instruction manual just to be sure and it does not mention tension rods either. I have reached out to support on this issue as well.

@nyharris, You can try to attach the extra springs to add more force on the screen. That resolves my screen fold issue.

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