Fast forward a roku miss up the projectors sound?

if you fast forward a roku movie to much or any steaming movie will it mess up the projectors sound ?

or lets say the wife says its time for dinner and you save the movie on screen will that all so mess up the projectors sound if its on screen for along time ?

thank you

Hi, @lovemovies Thank you for notifying us about this issue. This is the first time we had this feedback. It might be possible that the sound of the projector will be affected if you fast-forward it too much. Have you tried unplugging and replugging the 3rd party streaming device? Is this happening in all the movies when you try to do fast-forwarding or it just happens when you fas-forward it too much?

fast-forwarding tv Commercials or tv programs at some point you have to reset everything
to get sound again… i will not be doing that again or any more , but other then that everything is great !

thank you

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