Docking Station - USB C 12-in-1 4k

Hi guys, I recently bought a USB C DK004 12-in-1 docking station. My Alienware has a USB C that is capable of handling two 4k monitors.

I currently have 2 2k monitors and I can only get one to consistently show up, and the second one consistently down grades the signal to 1920 * 1080. I’ve updated my thunderbolt drivers, onboard intel drivers, and my laptops nvidia drivers.

Any drivers or dashboard app that would help would be greatly appreciated, due to such limited support of documentation or lack of video setup software

Hi @brucekraftjr, welcome to the VAVA community! Are you using the monitors to mirror view or extended view? Kindly send the details of the issue to for further assistance on this matter. Thank you!

hi there, I am using them in extended view.

ok will email now, thank you for responding

Hi @brucekraftjr. You are welcome. They are our dedicated support team that can assist you better on this. Thank you!