Dashcam Loop recording

I have a VA-VD002 dual dash cam.
The manual indicates that recording turns on automatically each time the car is started. Yet the
option setting for Loop Recording only allows 1minute, 2 minutes or 3 minutes.
But my micro SD card can hold much more video.
Is there a way to allow much more video to be recorded and stored in my micro SD card?

Hi, @brumbot Thank you for showing support with our dashcam. Hope this clarifies your inquiry about the continuous recording. Our dashcams are set to cut the recordings in a maximum of 3 minutes seconds loop. We intended it that way for the first in, first out the deletion of recordings when the SD card will need space. So, that it would not delete the entire recordings right away. Theoretically, our dashcam doesn’t have features to continuously record. Have a great day ahead of you.

Thanks for such a quick reply. So does this mean that recording will continue, but it will be broken up into 3 minute segments all of which are stored on my micro SD card and only the oldest will be deleted if the card fills up?

Hi @brumbot That’s correct. The recording will continue but will be cut into 3minutes videos depending on how long the minutes you set it up & it’s a first in first out deletion of recordings when the SD card will need space.

Thanks for your help.

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