Chroma Motion Blur/Ghosting

I’m having problems with motion blur and a pretty bad ghosting effect with my Chroma. It’s not apparent during bright scenes. But in darker scenes, especially ones with a lot of browns and greys it’s really distracting.
Is anyone else having this problem?

Having the same problem. Android crashes almost every time we restart as well. Very frustrating.

If you watch any type of Star Wars light sabre scenes - terrible artifacts as well.

Thanks for your response, Rayvava!
I really like the machine a lot. But I find myself having to work stuff out…kinda annoying for the price point.
Anyway, yeah, Star Wars is the worst. I was watching the Obi-Wan finale last night through a 4K Fire Stick* and there were parts where the ghosting was so bad I almost turned it off!
*Have to use the Fire Stick for D+ because the app on the Chroma gives me severe audio lag.

Hello @javasmark and @Rayvava, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will look into this. Actually, this is a known issue and we are waiting for the next software update to clear this however, there are reports that this could be fixed by simply doing a reboot, factory reset, and checking if the firmware is up to date. May we know where did you purchase the chroma?

Hi there!
Thank you for responding!
I bought the Chroma and 120" ALR Screen through the VAVA website.
I’ve done the reboot, factory reset and my firmware is at LV068_V1.6.1_20220324.113244.
Looking forward to the next firmware update for the clean picture! :grinning:

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Hi @javasmark and @Rayvava, In line with this issue could you please share with us a sample photo of the issue. Thank you!