Chroma light source brightness not saved

Every time I start the Chroma the light source brightness is set to 9, I can switch this by selecting custom or by manually changing it. This works but when I turn the Chroma next day on it is again set to the default 9.

How can I keep the brightness to my set value? 9 is to bright and also then the device makes to much noise.

Thx in advance,

Hi @Nicky, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Let us get this sorted out. For the brightness settings, unfortunately by default once you turn it off all the set-up you’ve made will go back to its default. Don’t worry we have raised this concern to our Engineering team for future updates.

For the humming should be no louder than 32-35dB, I have attached a Decibel Chart for your reference.

Thank you for your all-out support!